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Temperament Therapy

Temperament is the in-born part of man that determines how he reacts to people, places and things. In short, it is how people interact with their environments and the world around them. The theory of temperament is a means for a counselor to understand the inner workings of man. In other words, it is how our Father, Creator God, designed us before we came off His assembly line. As God's creation, He knew us before we entered our mother's womb. Therefore, He gave us every necessary ingredient to fulfill our pre-ordained purpose, and bring His glory!

The Arno Profile System (A.P.S.) was specifically created by Drs. Richard G. and Phyllis J. Arno to present the information in an encouraging and non-threatening manner. This easy to learn counseling technique has achieved a success rate of over 90%. It is necessary to have an APS temperament score in order to determine which is these reports is relevant. Temperament covers three areas known as Inclusion (covers social interactions, surface relationships and intellectual energies), Control (covers the need to establish and maintain a satisfactory relationship with people in regard to control and power) and Affection (covers the need for love and affection, and the need for deep personal relationships).

Helpful Hints

The following pages are excellent temperament tools.

  • Choleric - Helpful Hints for the Choleric
  • Melancholy - Suggestions for the Melancholy
  • Phlegmatic - Useful Ideas for the Phlegmatic in your life
  • Sanguine - How to Help A Saguine Be Their Best
  • Supine - Things You (And They) Can Do for a Supine